Monthly Archives: February 2010

Pilgrimage in Pembs!

Well, we’re back from an amazing time away together of feasting and celebrating, praying and pilgriming (is that a word?), laughing and soaking up beauty and sunshine and space… We tasted a little bit of the renewed earth and have come home energised and enormously thankful!  The ThirdSpace pilgrimage day took us to Newport Sands… Read more »

Circle time!

Today at the bandstand we rememberd our core value on journeying and S led us on what we might learn from Jesus’ own spiritual journey as reflected in the story of the temptations and from then on. It was helpful to consider that he didn’t have it all sown up from the start, but that… Read more »

More on Pilgrimage at the Bandstand

More thought-provoking stuff!  B & G led last week, focussing on blessings as part of a Celtic pilgrimage experience. Loved the youngest blessing us oldies in the giving of bread and wine and loved so many of the blessings used in our time together. We closed with these words: Blessings on you who stand in… Read more »