Monthly Archives: January 2013

Enough is Enough!

The dimmed lighting and haunting music mixed with the images illuminated around the room made for a restful, thought provoking, contemplative space.                   With the theme of Enough is Enough we looked at:     We spent time;                   … Read more »

S’no fun this weather – Oh yes it is!

Snow covering the peaks, the park and the bandstand, all wrapped up warm in many layers – meeting outside that’s what it’s all about.     Worship for a snowy day. Sisters and brothers God’s presence is here and we are gathered to offer him thanks and praise. Thank you, Lord that we are unique… Read more »

Happy New Year

This morning in the park we took the opportunity to look back at 2012 and then forward to 2013, both individually, but more importantly as a group. Jonny Bakers New Year questions helped us to reflect. As part of Third space over the last few years,  I find myself less stressed about my little individual… Read more »