Monthly Archives: May 2013

Hiding Behind Closed Doors

On the Sunday before Pentecost  we remember that the disciples were all locked away, scared and wondering how their future life would pan out, but have you ever considered actually how old those disciples were? We looked at this question, which we have no answer for, but it proved quite interesting to think about. We are… Read more »

Mini pilgrimage / prayer walk

This Sunday we met away from the bandstand at  Cromford Meadows for a mini pilgrimage / prayer walk. It was especially good to have our good friend Chris join us and to see Michele, post-thesis – well done! We shared some opening words and then everyone followed a route with some suggested ideas to stimulate… Read more »

Of Ganesh and worship and the small things….

We should have put this summary of our time together onto our blog a couple of weeks ago – so apologies all! Steve and Harry led us in worship, centred around their recent trip to Nepal. After starting with words from Psalm 19 about all creation praising God, we were shown an image of the… Read more »

Question Time

Head Space found us pulling the following questions out of the hat: What do you understand by the term post-evangelical? Is Christianity compatible with the Theory of Evolution? If Jesus of Nazareth is not “God made man” are all his teachings irrelevant? Who is your favourite biblical character (excluding Jesus)? What objects in or parts of… Read more »