Monthly Archives: September 2013

Head Space

Considerable discussion followed the questions drawn out of the hat. See what you make of these: Is there hope for the institutional church? What are you most grateful for? If you were the leader of the Labour Party what policies would you introduce? Is it acceptable for some Muslim women to cover their faces; (1)… Read more »

So what is so special about a coracle?

The symbol of a coracle is special to those of us who were founder members of Third Space. To ensure that the change of direction in our faith journey was not too crazy we sought some council from Michael Mitton (freelance writer, speaker and trainer, also the Fresh Expressions Officer for the Derby Diocese).  He… Read more »

Blessing for the Park

  We gathered in beautiful sunshine, shedding coats, sweaters and jackets. A warm September morning – a very welcome start to our look at the importance of blessing others. Grayden talked about John O’Donohue’s book Benedictus – A Book of Blessings. He read part of the introduction for us. The parts that really stuck me… Read more »