Monthly Archives: January 2014

Time by the river

 This Sunday we left the bandstand to reflect as we walked alongside the Derwent river in the park. Rivers feature large in the Bible and as we read different extracts from the Bible it all came to life somehow as we looked at the fast-flowing water and banks and trees…   We each had a… Read more »

Renewed prayer for 2014

At the start of each year we review our prayers from the previous one,  We write our prayers on labels and attach them to a walking stick which hangs up at Holly House where we meet every other week. These hang as a continual reminder to pray for those we know who are in need…. Read more »


In celebrating Epiphany Sunday we learnt about gifts, journey, stars, and revisited thoughts about who the Magi were and where they might have come from. Epiphany means manifestation, appearance revelation. So it celebrates the revealing of Jesus to the Gentiles, represented by the Magi. Reading Matthew 2: 1 – 18 Thoughts on the Magi There… Read more »