What happens on Wednesdays

ThirdSpace operates on a seven week cycle. We meet for six weeks and then not on the seventh which is our Sabbath week.

Three of these Wednesday evenings are held at a pub ‘The Gate’ on Smedley Street in Matlock. These evenings are discussion based and vary in style, though they are always very relaxed occasions and a chance to catch up on one another’s lives.

Sometimes we have the theme of ‘Headspace’. This embraces any topic for discussion and is characterised by pulling questions from a bowler hat in turn and giving initial responses before opening it up to general debate. Questions have ranged from the political to the theological to the ridiculous.

Another favourite evening is ‘What the papers say’ with someone leading discussion around something from the news that week.

Then again, at other times we might just do something silly  based around  ‘Room 101’,  ‘Manifesto’ or something like that. Whatever we do – it’s fun!

These three evenings in the pub are interspersed with meetings in a home. These too take on different forms.:

One in six weeks is generally a meal. This is an important part of being a community and gives us an opportunity to talk, listen, laugh, debate and usually pray around the table. On these occasions we usually start with some kind of opening liturgy and mid-way we will share bread and wine.

Other evenings we will discuss a text, book or talk . We have used Richard Rohr CDs and Rob Bell DVDs, explored  Rob Bell’s book “Love Wins” and Michael Mitton’s book ‘Travellers of the heart’ to give just a few examples.

Usually one meeting in the home is set aside for prayer / reflection / meditation. This, too, is central to the health of the group.