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What’s New?

So what is new at Third Space? Rumour has it that some members were seen disguised as Fairtrade Bananas this weekend in the Great Derbyshire Dales Fairtrade Banana Relay. Phew! and in preparation for such an energetic event …. Third Spacers went away for the weekend together to an idyllic setting in Yorkshire’s Bronte country…. Read more »

The UK Gold

“A shining piece of film-making on the darkness at the heart of the City … this is a film no one should avoid” DAILY MIRROR “The City of London’s murky tax avoidance all wrapped up with Queen and Empire” THOM YORKE Wednesday, 29th January, was Third Space film night at Designate. Although the evening was… Read more »

Renewed prayer for 2014

At the start of each year we review our prayers from the previous one,  We write our prayers on labels and attach them to a walking stick which hangs up at Holly House where we meet every other week. These hang as a continual reminder to pray for those we know who are in need…. Read more »


In celebrating Epiphany Sunday we learnt about gifts, journey, stars, and revisited thoughts about who the Magi were and where they might have come from. Epiphany means manifestation, appearance revelation. So it celebrates the revealing of Jesus to the Gentiles, represented by the Magi. Reading Matthew 2: 1 – 18 Thoughts on the Magi There… Read more »


The last month has found members of Third Space practising our culinary skills for not only have we been feeding our friends and families over the Christmas period, but we seem to have extended the festivities into the Advent period too. In sharing food together we are following the example of Jesus with his disciples… Read more »

Remember – Give Thanks

We met this morning on Remembrance Sunday. Greeting us at the Bandstand was two slabs of clay, bread, wine, sunflower seeds and a sunflower seed head.                   Who do we remember? We remember those who sacrificed their lives for their country, but it can seem a bit… Read more »

Take a break

As Third Space is by it’s very nature a small group, it is something of a commitment for those who agree to lead the weekly bandstand meetings. Many of the members of the group are either involved in education or have children who have school holidays. So it was decided at the outset that every… Read more »

Life’s like that

Ever found yourself making plans and then when you try to carry them out you get diverted or stuck and then end up in a place you didn’t want to be in? Well our Third Space walk was a bit like that on Sunday. We set off from the Jug and Glass in Lea intending… Read more »

This is the Table

It is our practise at Third Space to meet together for a meal every so often. These occasions are always very special as we sit with others with whom we can really be ourselves. Conversations vary from those that are deep and profound to those that are light hearted and full of laughter. Last night was no exception: We… Read more »

Some truths are unbelievable

As we left the pub last night the barmaid said “Your group sounded great fun tonight”. What were we doing? We were reading some crazy news reports that had some even more bizarre untruths added to them. We had to guess what was true and what was untrue. It was a bit like “What the Papers… Read more »