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Jon led us in Third Space a few weeks ago on the theme of clouds. He had been inspired after coming across a plaque for Luke Howard the namer and classifier of clouds. Intrigued he investigated further… We spent some time lying on our backs looking at clouds, praying, meditating and being still. It was… Read more »

Hiding Behind Closed Doors

On the Sunday before Pentecost  we remember that the disciples were all locked away, scared and wondering how their future life would pan out, but have you ever considered actually how old those disciples were? We looked at this question, which we have no answer for, but it proved quite interesting to think about. We are… Read more »

Question Time

Head Space found us pulling the following questions out of the hat: What do you understand by the term post-evangelical? Is Christianity compatible with the Theory of Evolution? If Jesus of Nazareth is not “God made man” are all his teachings irrelevant? Who is your favourite biblical character (excluding Jesus)? What objects in or parts of… Read more »


We met in the park and it was WARM – Hallelujah! Opening Worship We gather this morning in the name of the Creator, who creates time and space, galaxies and stars and planets. In the name of Jesus Christ, born on planet Earth, and in the name of the Spirit who fills Earth with his… Read more »


Sunday morning found us constructing a huge cube made out of canes.   Jon must have designed this for a team building exercise???? Laughter, co-operation, vision and initiative isn’t that what fellowship is all about.           Jon explained that the cube we had constructed was the same size and shape as… Read more »

Easter Sunday

We all met in the bandstand (welcome to Jon’s family who have not been before and Anthony). After most of us tried ice skating on the frozen puddle we stood together in the sunshine.   This is the day: When tears are wiped away, Shattered hearts are mended, Fears are replaced with joy. This is the… Read more »

What in the world??

Easter coming… Spring is in the air … What’s that Soul Space cancelled because of blizzard conditions? Snow underfoot actually in the bandstand. Unheard of in the three and a half years we have been meeting and its nearly the end of March. Have a happy and blessed Easter. I hope that we won’t be… Read more »

It’s out of the hat

The latest questions we pulled out of the hat at HEAD SPACE in the pub were:   Who was the last person who made you laugh out loud,? What happened? What bad habits in other people annoy you the most? Who has made a positive difference in your life and why? What is so good about… Read more »

It’s Official – we are a Fairtrade Church

I received a certificate yesterday in the post saying we are a Fairtrade Church.   We are pleased on two fronts. The work we have done to promote Fairtrade has been recognised. We have been recognised for what we are, and that is a church.