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Head Space

Questions we considered in the pub tonight. Topically we had a look at what we thought about the decision of Synod to shut the door of the house of Bishops to Women. The question out of the hat read: “Many Anglo-Catholics and evangelicals come here to represent their town tribal loyalty rather than the dioceses that… Read more »

Remembrance Sunday 11.11.12

We met at the bandstand on a beautiful sunny, frosty autumn morning. The colours of the trees were resplendent in the sunshine. We added to our numbers with an extra dog!               As it was the 11th November we had decided to lead quite a traditional Remembrance Day service. This I… Read more »

First Fruits of Harvest

We noticed a real change in the park this morning, autumn colours and mists were in evidence. Just the right time to celebrate harvest. Since pagan times there has been a festival to celebrate the first fruits of the harvest and, as with many ancient festivals the Christian church adapted and adopted it making it their… Read more »

To Boldly Go …..

  To boldly go through life’s journey Our usual room was being used for a community event about Pirates. We used the adjoining room which involved us thinking much more creatively as we were in a much smaller space. People attending found the welcome to Soul Space (small sign on left) next to the skull… Read more »

Head Space

Take a question out of the hat – discuss – it could sound like an exam question, but over a drink at the pub – well – stimulating, enlightening, informative and fun! Is it always wrong to tell lies? Should there be an “opt out” rather than an “opt in” policy for organ donation, meaning… Read more »

Well met my friends

Wanderers return from holiday, the weather is warm, can it really be summer at last? Olympics discussed, holiday adventures recounted, acquaintances renewed, prayers shared, all with the usual laughter and banter. On with the summer seasons Anam Cara liturgy – and then to the coffee shop for more of the above. Anam Cara Creator God, we pause… Read more »

School’s out for summer

As schools break up for summer many Third Spacers take a holiday. For a small group like ours this can make us feel rather vulnerable, especially on a Sunday morning in the bandstand. The last meeting before folks take off for their summer break we bring something to share with each other for our Sunday… Read more »

Prize Winning Breakfast

The Third Space Fairtrade Breakfast was entered as one of the Steps for 2012 on the Fairtrade Foundation’s web site. I heard recently we WON A PRIZE for the idea. I received a pack of Fairtrade dried fruits and recipes this week. I shall be using them for the next Third Space meal. yum!

Third Space Olympics

On the first fine day for what seemed ages we gathered in the bandstand.  Still mourning and missing our friend Tony we shared time together mindful of his family, Fran, and his daughters Charlotte and Catherine with it being Fathers Day. reading 1 Corinthians 9:24–27  “24 Surely you know that many runners take part in a race,… Read more »

Fairtrade Breakfast

Fairtrade Breakfast 13th May 2012 The sun shone in the park as we set up our chairs and tables and prepared to eat breakfast together. A camping stove provided power to boil water for Fairtrade tea and coffee 12th May was World Fairtrade Day and people all over the world were joining together over the… Read more »