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Telling our stories that have shaped us

Telling our stories that have shaped us

On Wednesday evening, we met together to share a meal. Great to have our companion-on-the-journey Ian Adams visiting us. We talked about the stories that had shaped our lives.

a prayer

Recently we met and shared a meal.  One of us had written this prayer. It seemed to sum up beautifully everything we were thinking, hoping and praying for.

Blessings on you who sit at this table.

Let us be at peace

May we know the love of Christ that surrounds us.

Breathe it in and let it wash over you.

Let this be a new beginning, a new start.

Let hope be rekindled and dreams renewed.

May Jesus inspire and challenge us for the journey ahead

Take this time together, may it inspire us on our travels

Knowing that we are loved and blessed.

what we’re up to:


Theme:  New beginnings                                                     

6/9       Meal                                                                           

9/9       Pub      Inspiration from Greenbelt                              

16/9     Home –  Songhursts’ new house blessing                    

20/9     Sunday gathering                                                       

23/9     Pub      Vision and values                                           

30/9     Meal with Ian Adams leading                                    

4/10     Sunday gathering                                                        

7/10     Pub                                                                             

14/10   Home – Reflection / silence / Celtic liturgy              

18/10   Sunday gathering                                                                 

21/10   Sabbath