beginnings, philosophy and future

Soulspace emerged when, having come across Jonny Baker’s blog, one of our group had managed to visit ‘Grace’ in Ealing and returned inspired.  It began as an experiment with Sunday evening services, during an interregnum at Holy Trinity Church, Matlock Bath, where some of us were worshipping.

Our primary aim is to make space available to all, for reflection, prayer and above all meeting with God.

Soulspace provides time for personal reflection, prayer and response in a way that is sometimes difficult within the more wordy collective worship of other church services.  It consists of a number of ‘prayer stations’ and always incorporates a rolling powerpoint with reflective words and images and a range of stimuli, with things to do, read, taste, make…

Soulspace is built on the belief that God is involved with and reaching out to all sorts of people who don’t come to church and that many people are on a journey towards him, whose language and theology might not quite match those within the church. Hospitality and inclusivity are a vital part of what we offer.


Soul Space November 2014


We often post what we have been thinking about and doing at Third Space, but we have not been good at writing up our bi-monthly Soulspace event because our busy lives take over from the preparation and planning that Soulspace requires. We receive so much positive feedback about Soulspace that we are trying to explore some of the key themes and ideas on-line. Here are a few of the images from Up to whet your appetite and we will post a fuller narrative of Travelling Light.

Up-Poster-3 Ballons Risen Luke-Howard-3 Psalm-121-2