What we do

Church without…

We are a group of people on a spiritual journey, seeking new ways to explore faith, informed by the saints of old and a variety of spiritual traditions. The group is open to all – those established in faith, those questioning it and those seeking it. This is church without walls (quite literally as we meet on Sunday mornings out of doors) without church culture, without hierarchy and without certainty.

Our 7 values try to express those things we hold dear and to which we aspire.

We meet in various venues in and around Matlock. On Sunday mornings we tend to assemble in the Bandstand in Hall Lays Park at 9.30am, meeting in all weathers and through the changing seasons. We often find something inspiring in connection with nature rather than being behind walls. We don’t sing or have sermons , but find that we can worhip and learn in other ways. We tend to go to Cool River for drinks afterwards, where we can share responses to our time at the bandstand or just catch up with each other. On Wednesday evenings we meet either in Ostello, Matlock at 8.00pm, or in a home. Those evenings are informal, usually discussion based but also include a shared meal together every few weeks. We often share bread and wine when we meet. Every seven, or so, weeks, we have a Sabbath – a break from meeting together on a Sunday and Wednesday. The truth is, we often miss being together, but we think it is good practice and that it keeps us fresh.