Our values

A few values that lie at the heart of who we are:


We seek to be centred on Christ in all we do, working out how to be co-workers with him in building the Kingdom of God; we will wrestle with and try to apply his words in our lives and in our group; we will celebrate through the meal; we will commit to Christ’s justice in our world; we will learn to be servants of our neighbour and of the Servant King Christ himself.


We seek to be a community shaped by Christ, open, engaged and inclusive; we will try to incarnate Christ’s love in our group by deed and word, weeping with those who weep and rejoicing with those who rejoice; we will offer love and support to one another; we will commit to helping one another in our journey and in our searching; we will encourage one another to act justly and to love mercy.


We will be outward looking in our focus, seeking to respond to the global challenges presented to us in the world today; we will try to work out, as part of our commitment to Christ, what it might mean to be a Kingdom citizen in our locality, in our country and in our world today; we will seek to act justly (not merely talk of justice) and stand with the oppressed and marginalised.


In our journey together, we will celebrate, through the meal, our fellowship together in Christ; we will share with each other, with food and drink, our joys, our anniversaries, our milestones; we seek to incarnate Christ’ blessing upon us in our laughter, our stories and our reflection; we will pre-enact the great banquet of the renewed earth with the finest wine and richest food!


We will try to learn the way of service exampled in the life of Christ; this may be in our workplace, our homes, in our locality or further a-field; we will support each other as we aim to serve different people in different situations and in different ways.


We recognise that we journey in hope; our travelling will be accompanied and celebratory; we pilgrim to Christ and to redemption in him; we will challenge each other in our discipleship and spiritual nurturing to press on with perseverance; we will learn from the wisdom of brothers and sisters down the ages and across all human divides.


We seek to be connected with our culture, our time and our space in which we seek to build the Kingdom Christ inaugurated; we will try to integrate our faith with our life; we will be connected to our community, the community of saints in all ages and all places and to Christ himself.