Monthly Archives: March 2013

Easter Sunday

We all met in the bandstand (welcome to Jon’s family who have not been before and Anthony). After most of us tried ice skating on the frozen puddle we stood together in the sunshine.   This is the day: When tears are wiped away, Shattered hearts are mended, Fears are replaced with joy. This is the… Read more »

What in the world??

Easter coming… Spring is in the air … What’s that Soul Space cancelled because of blizzard conditions? Snow underfoot actually in the bandstand. Unheard of in the three and a half years we have been meeting and its nearly the end of March. Have a happy and blessed Easter. I hope that we won’t be… Read more »

It’s out of the hat

The latest questions we pulled out of the hat at HEAD SPACE in the pub were:   Who was the last person who made you laugh out loud,? What happened? What bad habits in other people annoy you the most? Who has made a positive difference in your life and why? What is so good about… Read more »


We’re sorry to have to cancel our Easter Soulspace – the snow just makes it so unlikely that many will be able to come and some of us who would be setting up might struggle too! We wish everyone a truly joy-filled Easter and will be in touch about future dates!   Wendy