Monthly Archives: October 2013

Take a break

As Third Space is by it’s very nature a small group, it is something of a commitment for those who agree to lead the weekly bandstand meetings. Many of the… Read more »

Life’s like that

Ever found yourself making plans and then when you try to carry them out you get diverted or stuck and then end up in a place you didn’t want to… Read more »

This is the Table

It is our practise at Third Space to meet together for a meal every so often. These occasions are always very special as we sit with others with whom we… Read more »

Some truths are unbelievable

As we left the pub last night the barmaid said “Your group sounded great fun tonight”. What were we doing? We were reading some crazy news reports that had some… Read more »

Snowdrops and stones

Well it was a stunning morning at the bandstand today. It was never truer to think of the words ‘Morning has broken like the first morning’, seeing the bright sunshine… Read more »