Monthly Archives: May 2011

Prayer for Barbara

An incredibly special evening! Surely it couldn’t have just been me to feel the most extraordinary sense of love in our sitting room as most of our number squeezed in to pray for Barbara pending her operation on Tuesday. Nothing could have been more wonderful, or supportive as seeing Tony walk in to be with… Read more »


We started with Isaiah 40: 21 – 31 a very encouraging start to our time together. We planned to look at the story of Thomas meeting with Jesus after the ressurection. I have always felt a bit sorry for Thomas remembered forever as the doubter.  He was not always known as the doubter, but referred… Read more »

The Great Chain of Being

At the bandstand this Sunday we were influenced by teaching of Richard Rohr at Greenbelt and on the web ( to revisit the Franciscan emphasis on the Great Chain of Being. St Bonadventure had warned that if we ceasse to see the Divine in each part of the chain we would lose sight of God… Read more »


Just thought I’d let the world know we’re still meeting on Wednesdays and had a great evening together at the Red Lion this week. We had a good catch up session with one another and started thrashing through what we’re going to do next regarding publicity as we head towards this summer. We also had… Read more »