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Narrowing the fitness gap

I came across an article in the paper well before lockdown which got me thinking, and for obvious reasons, the person who is the focus of the article has appeared… Read more »

Wake up and smell the….

If you had to lose one of your 5 senses which would you choose? A couple of weeks ago, due to a rather nasty virus, I completely lost my sense… Read more »

Who are you?

I was struck by the grace-filled words from the Archbishop of Canterbury when he reacted to the discovery that the man who had raised him was not his genetic father…. Read more »

Happy New Year

This morning in the park we took the opportunity to look back at 2012 and then forward to 2013, both individually, but more importantly as a group. Jonny Bakers New… Read more »

Holiday musings

Don’t know about you, but holidays always seem to be a time for me to reflect, re-asses, re-configure. I won’t bore you with the ‘no-doubt soon to be broken’ resolutions… Read more »

sunday morning walk

We’re fortunate to be able to step out of our doors and be surrounded by the most fantastic scenery¬† here in Derbyshire. So last Sunday we made the most of… Read more »