Soul Space…it’s church Jim, but not as we know it….

A couple of weeks ago we set up our second Soul Space event. Our theme was ‘Detox’ and with that in mind, Third Space members each brought a different aspect of what that might mean.
It was an opportunity to just come and think and be still. 

There were different aromatherapy scents to try – each linked into Bible verses,  to use as a support for meditation.

There was an opportunity to detox by carrying out an audit of the way we organise our finances ….and with the savings, to do something positive.  Others offered the opportunity to reflect on those things we would want the world to detox from – urging us to prayer and to action.


There was a rubbish dump – a  visual reminder that when it comes to sin God is not in the business of recycling.

And throughout the evening there was the offer to join in some liturgy from the Northumberland Community which we use regularly in Third Space.

All of this wrapped up with coffee, red wine and cake ( we like to embrace the contradictions of faith) and of course, the ubiquitous tea-lights.


We had a good time, and it was great to welcome new folks who hadn’t been to Soul Space before. We hold our next one on March 18th where we explore the theme of “Grand Designs”  Intrigued? – it may not be what you are familiar with when it comes to church, but it might just be what you’re looking for.