Monthly Archives: October 2009

Advent 1 – bring it on

We begin a new 6 week series of study, discussion and contemplation on Advent. Tonight, 28th October, we meet at the pub to kick off the series. Steve has prepared the following questions ( and essay titles!) –  so  take a look before we meet if you have a chance. If you knew what the… Read more »

What kind of bread and wine?

P. wrote this for our time together in the park on the 18th “Like our personal bibles, breaking bread and wine is also multi-faceted . It will have a different resonance for each of us here today. A different resonance for each of us personally from one week to the next. A different resonance for… Read more »

this sunday 18th Oct

Something I read from “The God you Already Know” by Henry Morgan and Roy Gregory  will be the prompt  for our time together in the park this Sunday morning. Some food for thought before we get together: The authors say ” I believe that in addition to ‘The Bible’ we each have access to our own… Read more »

what we’re listening to

Inspirational stuff from Rob Bell’s Mars Hill (Michigan) Sunday morning services on the Sermon on the Mount. Lifechanging water for thirsty souls

sunday in the park

We met for the first time in Matlock Park in the bandstand. We took the theme of  new beginnings- see below for a taste of the things we did, said and prayed. we put together a  celtic cross formed from twigs and sticks – Steve talked about the mark of the cross on our lives and… Read more »