this sunday 18th Oct

Current Reading - The God You Already know

Something I read from “The God you Already Know” by Henry Morgan and Roy Gregory  will be the prompt  for our time together in the park this Sunday morning. Some food for thought before we get together:

The authors say

” I believe that in addition to ‘The Bible’ we each have access to our own ‘Personal Bible’ – the ways that God has ‘spoken’ to us through our lives. Note down the ways God has spoken to you at some point in your life. Only include what lies within your experience. When your list is finished (it will never be really complete, but you can always add to it), next to each category note down a specific example and next to that if you can recall it, write what it was you felt God was saying to you through it – find a word ,phrase or short sentence that catches the meaning.  I would guess that if you put all these words, phrases andsentences on one sheet of paper, there will be a consistent message. They will give you a sense of who this God is who has been addressing you.”

So, on Sunday, we will think on the One who is behind the message….come along 9.30am at the Bandstand,

6 Responses to “this sunday 18th Oct”

  1. AmosRidesAgain

    Another excellent “Sunday in the park”. Inspirational, challenging and encouraging! Thanks Paul and Fiona.

  2. Gouty

    Yes excellent bandstanding….loved the bread and wine liturgy Paul. (Bread/Wine of Christ, Community, Justice etc.) Who’d have thought you creating theology-rich liturgy – funny what happens when you step outside (or inside) Church.
    The personal Bible stuff had a reassuring symetry to the different comments – interesting.
    Still not sleeping from mega-mocha!

  3. AmosRidesAgain

    Totally agree with your comments about Sunday Gouty. Could the last comment have anything to do with the ingredients being “exploitation” rather than FAIRTRADE?

  4. Gouty

    Is that what it is….exploitation coffee. Will have to experiment with Fairtrade caffeine….gentler on the brain. Met with Cait and Fil last night…very happy about the new job but concerned about one incompetant protestant part time member of the department – thinks she knows everything apparently.

  5. babs

    Thoughts about Sunday (better late than never) – Well God certainly was speaking through the autumn colours in the park. He spoke to me about the beauty and serenity in the changes of the seasons in ones own life as well as in creation. Loved the litergy Paul, meant a lot sharing it together. Never thought I could get so excited about litergy!

  6. Tony

    Sounds like we missed something special – although are all the meetings special. I wouldn’t mind hearing/reading paul’s liturgy?

    Tell Cait I will give her a few tips on getting rid of troublesome ‘staff’ ha ha ha!

    Love to all, Whitby is fabulous – our ‘Church’ tomorrow is a walk/hike up to the ruins of the old Abbey – a striking remnant of worship past that will serve as our inspiration for prayer.

    Gods blessings to all,

    Tony, Frances and Charlotte x


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