this sunday 18th Oct

Current Reading - The God You Already know

Something I read from “The God you Already Know” by Henry Morgan and Roy Gregory  will be the prompt  for our time together in the park this Sunday morning. Some food for thought before we get together:

The authors say

” I believe that in addition to ‘The Bible’ we each have access to our own ‘Personal Bible’ – the ways that God has ‘spoken’ to us through our lives. Note down the ways God has spoken to you at some point in your life. Only include what lies within your experience. When your list is finished (it will never be really complete, but you can always add to it), next to each category note down a specific example and next to that if you can recall it, write what it was you felt God was saying to you through it – find a word ,phrase or short sentence that catches the meaning.  I would guess that if you put all these words, phrases andsentences on one sheet of paper, there will be a consistent message. They will give you a sense of who this God is who has been addressing you.”

So, on Sunday, we will think on the One who is behind the message….come along 9.30am at the Bandstand,