what we’re listening to

Inspirational stuff from Rob Bell’s Mars Hill (Michigan) Sunday morning services on the Sermon on the Mount. Lifechanging water for thirsty souls

3 Responses to “what we’re listening to”

  1. babs

    Been proper poorly this week – enforced rest! Feeling a bit better today so have listened to some of the Sunday morning sermons from Mars Hill!
    My favourite bit of the gospels – Sermon on the Mount, best exposition yet.

  2. Gouty

    Hope you’re better now and have got the lurgy out of your system for half Term. Happy hols.

  3. AmosRidesAgain

    We’ve just listened to Rob Bell’s talk on Blessed are the poor in spirit from the Sermon on the Mount! What can I say! It was brilliant, awesome, literally life changing!!! Great to hear an interpretation of the Beatitudes that doesn’t involve the de-radicalising, spiritualising, and sanitising of Jesus’ words.


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