sunday in the park

We created this for our first Sunday morning worship in the bandstand in the park

We created this for our first Sunday morning worship in the bandstand in the park

We met for the first time in Matlock Park in the bandstand. We took the theme of  new beginnings- see below for a taste of the things we did, said and prayed.

  • we put together a  celtic cross formed from twigs and sticks – Steve talked about the mark of the cross on our lives and on those we know, work  with and live alongside.
  • we read together a prayer (borrowed and adapted from jonny baker’s worship trick 2) on journeys and new starts
  • Barbara demonstrated a breaking out of old into new through smashing a hazelnut -(resulting from more thoughts around the MayBe service at Greenbelt_)
  • Wendy read from ‘Detox your Sprititual Life ‘ by Peter Graystone and asked us to list one or two of the most important lessons we ‘ve learnt in  our lives. ” Were important lessons learnt over time rather than instantly? Was there an element of pain to important lessons learned?  How did this relate to where has led us in Third Space?”
  • Harry reminded us of the Easter story as the best example of new beginnings.
  • conkers were passed round – beautiful, astounding examples of God the creator  and we echoed the words  ‘this is why I believe’
  • we placed leaves (a symbol of something coming to an end,) beech nuts (a symbol of new life / purpose) and white stones ( a prompt to pray for others)
  • we shared bread and wine – the reason for everything we share and do.
  • we shared our community prayer then continued ‘church’ over breakfast at the Crown.

2 Responses to “sunday in the park”

  1. Tony Songhurst

    This was an amazing experience and was in deep contrast to the ‘church’ that I know and continue to love. I/we dont see this as breaking away from the traditional church but an extention of… new beginnings! Thanks to all our friends….love and gods’ blessings Tony

  2. Babs

    Thanks to Andy for the new pen name!

    Forgot to mention another thought about the value of salt today. We need salt on the roads to make out journeys safe – last years winter journeys were perilous as we nearly ran out of salt. Be salt to keep others safe on their journey.


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