What kind of bread and wine?

P. wrote this for our time together in the park on the 18th

“Like our personal bibles, breaking bread and wine is also multi-faceted .

It will have a different resonance for each of us here today.

A different resonance for each of us personally from one week to the next. A different resonance for the group on different occasions as the months pass.

What do we remember?

We remember we are created by God, in His image.

We look inside ourselves and see that that image has been tarnished. there is much that is not good, much that is selfish, much that is not God’s best for us or the people we journey alongside.

We understand that Jesus came to show us a better way, to take our failings upon himself on the cross and, in glorious victory over death, give us power to change we are for the better.

and we remember that all over the world, others are doing this same thing, for the same reasons.

So for you today, this may be the bread and wine of wonderful, fatherly creation.

It may be the bread and wine of shortcomings and failures.

it may be the bread and wine of suffering, of costly payment.

It may be the bread and wine of upsurging, torrential resurrection, cleansing and change.

or it may be the bread and wine of world-wide communion.

This is the bread of Christ, the bread of Community, the bread of Justice, the bread of Celebration, the bread of Service the bread of Journey and the bread of Integration

This is the wine of Christ, the wine of Community, the wine of Justice, the wine of Celebration, the wine¬† of Service the wine of Journey and the wine of Integration”