Sunday 26th – the power of 3

sunshine and cherry blossom in the park

sunshine and cherry blossom in the park

I sometimes listen to Simon Mayo on the way home from work, and he has an item on his show called “Three Word Wednesday” (I think it happens on other days too) , where folks are invited to tweet or text in a summary or highlight of their day,  in 3 words. I really like it: it seems to give a window into people’s lives without dare I say…too much blethering (Scots term for talking too much). Increasingly,  I find in my spiritual journey I  need words to be stripped back – and I need space between the words. I confess I struggle with sermons of more than 10 minutes these days – of sermons within sermons…of prayers that are just yet more sermons disguised as prayers. Just too many words. This probably has more to do with my increasing years rather than anything spiritual, but hope springs eternal!

So today , we will try to sum up our week in 3 words – it will be a  way of sharing our lives as our wee community. We’ll also have a go at some meditation on scripture and bring to each other the 3 words that strike us/ stand out to us/ speak to us…who knows..maybe we’ll all get the same words!!! We’re looking at 1 John 3: 16-24.

Finally, we’ll look ahead to this comimg week and place 3 words down to sum up our prayer requests for those we know and those we don’t including our friends in Nepal who have been devastated by the earthquake.

20150426_101246                                                                      Our three words

so…what would your 3 words be?