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Prayer in the Garden

Last night we reflected around various themes using Colin & Michele’s garden. The Franciscan concept Great Chain of Being, first explored in May at the Bandstand, was the hinge pin… Read more »

What the papers say

We had a lively discussion about the press and phone hacking on Wednesday and then Colin posed some really challenging questions. One of which was something like, how can we… Read more »

How could we forget

Michele led us last Sunday using an adaptation of liturgy from the Iona Community around the theme of remembering and forgetting. There was plenty of space for reflection and personal… Read more »

Head Space

Wednesday evening in the pub saw us in discussion on various issues – questions which we pulled out of the hat. From a selection of over 50 questions we discussed:… Read more »

Meal at Holly House

Just had to say how fantastic it was to be gathered around the table with Barbara back, remarkably fit and well after the wonderful all-clear of this week. It was… Read more »

Pentecost at the bandstand

Pretty chilly today at the bandstand – but dry. We were warmed by happy thoughts of our guests last week – 3 generations of Tattersalls, headed by matriarch Mary in… Read more »

Prayer for Barbara

An incredibly special evening! Surely it couldn’t have just been me to feel the most extraordinary sense of love in our sitting room as most of our number squeezed in… Read more »


We started with Isaiah 40: 21 – 31 a very encouraging start to our time together. We planned to look at the story of Thomas meeting with Jesus after the… Read more »

The Great Chain of Being

At the bandstand this Sunday we were influenced by teaching of Richard Rohr at Greenbelt and on the web ( to revisit the Franciscan emphasis on the Great Chain of… Read more »