Head Space

Wednesday evening in the pub saw us in discussion on various issues – questions which we pulled out of the hat.

From a selection of over 50 questions we discussed:

  • Why are the Scottish Nationalists so popular in Scotland? Is it because they espouse “old ” Labour policies?
  • If the stories of the 6 day creation and Adam and Eve are creation myths then the world was not “perfect” before the “fall”, and where does sin fit in?
  • Is the universe finite or infinite? Does the universe increase in size to¬†accommodate¬†matter, time an space, rather like a balloon expanding as it fills with air?
  • With food prices reaching record highs should commodity markets be re-regulated to stop speculation and profiteering?
  • How do you think God views transsexuals?
  • Throughout history most organised religions have been bringers of education. True or false?
  • Jesus talks a lot about money and very little about sex, why is the Church’s emphasis the opposite way round (apart from asking for money frequently!)?
  • Is volcanic activity a result of sin or part of God’s created order?

As you can imagine we had some lively discussion, stretched the old grey matter and concluded that there are no quick, easy answers to some of life’s more complex questions.