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Year end at the bandstand.

There was a real end of term / end of year feel as we met at the bandstand on Sunday morning for the last time in our usual format, before… Read more »

Anam Cara

Creator God, we pause in your presence and hold this day before you. Still us, calm us, guide us as we enter this day.  Suggested reading: The Psalms or Matthew… Read more »

Church on the ball

We met at the bandstand this morning and our focal point was a football. It is world cup final day – talk about being connected! We opened with some lovely liturgy form… Read more »

Invitation to breakfast

This week it had been the Feast of St Peter and St Paul and it seemed an opportune time to focus on the story of Jesus’ resurrection appearance to Peter… Read more »

Echoes of God’s love

We had a moving time together at the bandstand this morning reflecting on one of the ‘Morning Bell’ messages from Ian Adams this week (which give pointers to prayer each… Read more »

Day 50

Steve and I went to Oxford for the Day 50 event on Saturday. It was  a day of celebrating the integration of CMS and SAMS as well as  CMS as… Read more »