Living simply that others might simply live

We had an excellent follow-up to our rowdy debate in the Crown last week, with Colin and Michele leading us for the first time.  In fact it was so well prepared and so challenging that we’re continuing with it next week in the Crown.  We were given questionnaires, in advance, on our habits such as recycling, buying fairly traded produce, considering air miles etc which started us off with plenty to think about and discuss. Then the really challenging bit… How were we at ThirdSpace (as individuals and as a church) espousing simplicity in our:



Church management

Personal lifestyle

Local community and

Global community?

That’s why we’re continuing next week!  Stretching stuff that’s essential for us if we’re to take our value of ‘Justice’ seriously.

Loved the closing blessing of the evening:

A Blessing

God’s blessing be upon us as we leave and return changed to our homes.

May we strengthen and encourage one another in our shared vision.

And may the blessing of our adventurous Creator God go with us.

And may the blessing of the Son, who showed us how to live, re-shape us.

And may the blessing of the dancing Spirit joyfully enable us in our renewed living.


Source: Hope in God’s Future: Christian Discipleship in the Context of Climate Change Report & Study Guide, Methodist Publishing 2009

And here’s Colin and Michele’s resource list and recommended books:


 Saving Planet Earth, Colin A Russell

 Planet Wise, Dave Bookless, IVP 2008

 Christianity, Climate Change & Sustainable Living, Nick Spencer & Robert White, SPCK 2007

 When Enough is Enough: A Christian Framework for Environmental Sustainability, ed RJ Berry, Apollos 2007

 The Rough Guide to Ethical Living, Duncan Clark, Rough Guides 2006

 Kingfisher’s Fire, Peter Harris, Monarch 2008

 L is for Lifestyle, Ruth Valerio, IVP 2004

 The Busy Christian’s Guide to busyness, Tim Chester, IVP 2006

 Glory Days: Living the Whole of your life for Jesus, Julian Hardyman, IVP2006

 For the Beauty of the Earth, Steven Bourma Prediger, Baker Academic 2001

 Celebrating Community: God’s Gift for today’s world, eds Chris Edmondson & Emma Ineson, DLT 2006

 Caring for Creation: Biblical and Theological Perspectives, ed Sarah Tillett, BRF 2005

 Silent Fields: The long decline of a Nations Wildlife, R Lovegrove, Oxfod Press 2007



Join us at the Crown on Wednesday?  If nothing else we’ll all be needing company, if not a pint, for consolation after the match!