Invitation to breakfast

This week it had been the Feast of St Peter and St Paul and it seemed an opportune time to focus on the story of Jesus’ resurrection appearance to Peter and friends at Lake Galilee recorded in John 21.  After an initial prayer and introduction we read the passage at the bandstand and took time to reflect quietly on what seemed important to us. There’s something so lovely about Jesus  providing for his friends who’d toiled all night to no avail – not just the terrific catch, but the words of invitation – ‘Come and have breakfast’. And so, from there we walked across the river and down a steep bank to a beach area where Steve and Harry were waiting with fish on the barbecue, bread and hot coffee and cold juice… There (in Liberation theology style or is it  Jewish style?) we started to talk about the things that had impacted on us and what they might mean or did mean to us.



There’s certainly something there about unexpected encounters with Christ, our need to recognise him, his readiness to serve us and feed us and our need to receive from him… and there was the phrase used by the priest at the Mass I attended on Tuesday: ‘Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future’ – that was so evidently true of Peter as well as of Paul that encourages us in our transforming encounters with Jesus…

It was a wonderful time with inspiring shared ideas, another truly incarnational experience in beautiful surroundings and we had the joy of welcoming Christine and Adrian too.

Any more thoughts on the passage?