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Advent 1 at minus 12!

Well, the air temperature was extraordinary but the fellowship warm! Great to see Tony, Frances and Charlotte able to join us again. We kept the bandstand part fairly brief –… Read more »

The Lord’s Prayer

We had a fresh look at the Lords prayer this week and found some amazingly uplifting paraphrases of the prayer we are all so familiar with. A Paraphrase of the… Read more »

Visiting speaker on Palestine

Palestinian Arabs, Christian and Muslim, have suffered for over 60 years, deprived of  their lands, left homeless and stateless, living as those who have no hope: and the church in… Read more »

Taking in God’s love

This morning we started with 3 words denoting our previous week (akin to Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 tradition). Than it was a matter of leaving behind the week finished and… Read more »

All Saints Day and Samhain

Michele and Colin led us for the first time at the bandstand looking at both all Saints day and the Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced ‘sow’inn’) and the word for… Read more »

A Bitter Sweet Harvest

Harvest Thoughts at the Bandstand We were greeted in the bandstand with a display of harvest goods, both locally grown (Barbara’s veg) and some Fairtrade items. These were intermingled with… Read more »

Even more rain!

It seemed appropriate to follow up our Sunday gathering with a viewing of Rob Bell’s DVD ‘Rain’ this Wednesday evening. Tony led us in reflecting on this presentation on suffering… Read more »


In view of the forecast , it seemed appropriate to take this theme for our worship at the bandstand. Some of us ventured out under umbrellas as we took time out… Read more »

Celebrating creation

It can’t be many church services that were led today by a twelve and fourteen year old! This was a first for us. We stood round a centre-piece of sticks,… Read more »

Living Water 12.9.10

Barbara and Grayden led us in the bandstand this week. Over the summer we all used our Anum Cara liturgy on Sunday mornings.  As we are moving on to a… Read more »