In view of the forecast¬†, it seemed appropriate to take this theme for our worship at the bandstand. Some of us ventured out under umbrellas as we took time out to meditate on 2 Bible passages that speak of rain – Isaiah 55:8ff &Matt 5:43ff. We read these with new eyes in the ‘Message’ version. To follow them up we planted snowdrops which we hope to see grow as a result of the falling rain – very symbolic! We also took gold stars away with us to stick on work diaries , or wherever, to remind us of God’s pleasure with us when we grow up and respond well, letting the worst bring out the best in us. We also poured our own ‘rain’ over stones representing those who need God now – asking for God’s blessings to rain over them – We’re remembering you Rory, John and Louise, Georgia, Tony and co…

So meeting in the rain took on new meaning – and we’ve certainly had lots of reminders of God’s Word during the week!

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