Celebrating creation

It can’t be many church services that were led today by a twelve and fourteen year old! This was a first for us. We stood round a centre-piece of sticks, leaves and petals with the Alpha and Omega.

Harry chose the theme and selected a reading – The Message’s version of some of Genesis 1 – and various pieces of liturgy as well as sharing a message with us on the theme of why God created the world at all. it was particularly moving to be given¬† the chance to silently gaze at the beauty of the park and take time to say ‘Thank you!’.¬† It was cold but beautiful and we were sent out by Kitty with a mission in an envelope. In each one was a collage of images of suffering. Some had Palestine, others Chile, Persecuted Christians, Pakistan, poverty… We also had a quotation – ‘Suffering always colours our lives, but we choose the colour’. We were asked to pray for the situation facing us and put into the envelope leaves or petals that were colourful as we prayed for colour and beauty to come to those places.

What a touching and special occasion. Thanks you guys – we look forward to more!