Year end at the bandstand.

There was a real end of term / end of year feel as we met at the bandstand on Sunday morning for the last time in our usual format, before the Summer break. Paul and Fiona led us in the most poignant time as we reconstructed the Nevern Celtic cross of our first meeting there back in September (which we visited in February) and then reviewed key times over the year, building up a visual image with words and pictures and with everyone adding their own cherished memories.

What a year

What a year

Fallen leaves and Saints past and present, hazelnut cracking, hide and seeking the treasure, “I could be wrong”, entangled in the beech tree, slow walking, trout BBQ, connected with the seasons in the coldest winter, community within the circle, always the bread and the wine, building a snow table, Celtic earthy liturgy, walking and worshipping, with-breaders on the journey together, slate cairns, creation singing and the Christ icon.

All liturgy and readings related back to those used at some point or other over the year and felt especially significant, with a shared sense of wonder at how this has all unfolded beyond all our expectations.

The Caim circle of prayer

The Caim circle of prayer

And how significant it was, in reviewing our story, that Tony, Frances and Charlotte were back with us – Tony on his feet and looking healthier than the rest of us put together! God be praised.

The coming weeks of Sunday mornings in August will comprise the sharing of a simple liturgy at or around 9.30 wherever we are. Those who can be at the bandstand will use it there and there will still be bread and wine, though the time spent there will be shorter than usual.

For those interested, the liturgy is adapted from a wonderful prayer pattern we have been using of late called Anam Cara, put together by Frank and Sue of

Anyone who would like a copy of this morning, midday and evening prayer can either contact us or

See below for our Sunday morning liturgy ‘Anam Cara’.

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