Take a break

As Third Space is by it’s very nature a small group, it is something of a commitment for those who agree to lead the weekly bandstand meetings. Many of the members of the group are either involved in education or have children who have school holidays. So it was decided at the outset that every seven weeks or so we would have a week when we did not meet. This we call a Sabbath. It means we can take a break away, spend time with our wider family or simply have a lie in.

Although we call this our Sabbath it is probably more like a Sabbatical which has it’s roots in the same Hebrew word shmita which literally means release.

We were advised by Ian Adams (http://inthebellyofthebigfish.blogspot.co.uk) who was our mentor when we began Third Space to take a Sabbath or Sabbatical and I would pass this advice onto others who may be thinking of starting to meet as we do. Nothing would be so disheartening as preparing a wonderful, inspirational time of worship (and believe me this is what they are) when most of the group are away on holiday.

So this Sunday 27th and next Wednesday 30th we have been released…

But the most brilliant thing is – it is amazingly good to start again after the break.