Monthly Archives: December 2010

Advent 2 Winter Wonderland

We pulled out all the stops and met in the deep snow and freezing temperatures in the bandstand this morning. Worshipped with very appropriate liturgy adapted from (Celtic Liturgy for Advent) CELTIC MORNING PRAYER FOR ADVENT On days when heavy clouds shut out the sunlight and the world is burdened by greyness and gloom…. Read more »

Advent 1 at minus 12!

Well, the air temperature was extraordinary but the fellowship warm! Great to see Tony, Frances and Charlotte able to join us again. We kept the bandstand part fairly brief – using liturgy found on a terrific website called liturgyAT – which gave us an exhilarating start to Advent. We also used The Message’s version… Read more »

The Lord’s Prayer

We had a fresh look at the Lords prayer this week and found some amazingly uplifting paraphrases of the prayer we are all so familiar with. A Paraphrase of the Lord’s Prayer by Sarah Dylan Breuer: Loving Creator, we  honour you, and we honour all that you have made. Renew your world in the image… Read more »