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In the midst of life we are in death

We were all fooled this morning into thinking the sunshine would be warm, dressed in our summer togs we found a place out of the wind then we were able to celebrate meeting to worship God with stoicism. We opened our worship with something adapted from Jonny Baker: God of justice, peace and righteousness come into our midst… Read more »

Keep Moving

I chose the theme of Keep Moving for Sunday morning worship for three reasons; The weather forecast told of extremely cold conditions and a screaming wind straight from the Arctic. (We would need to keep moving to prevent us from getting too cold.) We are studying a book called “We make the Road by Walking”… Read more »

Advent Fuddle

Like our friendship groups and our work places we had a pre Christmas Fuddle in the Band Stand (Fuddle a Derbyshire term for bringing along something to share – usually food) This involved each one of us bringing along something inspirational to share for the last Sunday at the Bandstand before Christmas, the last Sunday… Read more »

Third Space Lord’s Prayer

I was listening to a service on the radio a couple of weeks ago and the congregation recited the Lord’s Prayer. So on a beautiful autumn morning we spent time in prayer using the Lord’s prayer as our model. Christians seem to use this prayer in a variety of ways. Some us it as a… Read more »

Bonkers about Conkers

We arrived at the bandstand on this first cold misty autumn morning to be greeted with the sight of a table groaning under the weight of hundreds of conkers.    So what is it all about? We had been asked to bring along something that represented harvest to each one of us. To Paul conkers said it… Read more »


We met on another lovely late summer morning and started our time of worship by listening to “He was Despised” from the Young Messiah by the New London Chorale. We were asked to think about the times of difficulty that Jesus experienced in his life and how that correlates with our lives. Whatever we experience… Read more »

The world out there

Meeting outside to worship has been a revelation to me. Even in the most inclement of weather being outside beats looking at four walls, however beautifully they might be decorated.  Scenery, flowers, plants and trees, changing seasons, bird song, people walking, children playing and meeting with a great bunch of people – what could be better? So we miss our Bandstand… Read more »

Stories of Forgiveness

Ever wished you could spend Sunday mornings sunning yourself in the park instead of sitting inside the walls of a church. Well that was what we did at Third Space this morning. The sun shining and a warm gentle breeze led to a relaxed and I hope inspiring experience. Barbara had come across a couple… Read more »

Pentecost in the Park

        Third Space commemorated D Day by stringing up bunting in the bandstand. Many of us had watched, read or listened to moving accounts of the Normany landings and the battle that followed, which freed Europe from the ideology of National Socialism. It is good to see that since then the countries… Read more »