Head Space

Drinks and lively discussion around the questions pulled out of the hat :

Head Space



  • “Apparently you follow the rabbit down the hole ad you emerge in a wonderland …”   Who said this and in what context?
  • If you were famous what would you like to be famous for doing?
  • Have you ever been lonely? A new initiative in the name of Jo Cox has begun to tackle loneliness could Third Space do more to support /reach lonely people in our area?
  • If you could ask Donald Trump one question what would it be?
  • Where have you seen the Kingdom oF God this week?
  • “The number of Americans killed by Islamic jihadist immigrants (2) compared to those killed by other Americans (11,737) How was this message delivered and by whom?
  • If you could have chosen a piece of music for Donald Trump’s inauguration what would it have been?



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