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We met on another lovely late summer morning and started our time of worship by listening to “He was Despised” from the Young Messiah by the New London Chorale. We were asked to think about the times of difficulty that Jesus experienced in his life and how that correlates with our lives. Whatever we experience… Read more »

The world out there

Meeting outside to worship has been a revelation to me. Even in the most inclement of weather being outside beats looking at four walls, however beautifully they might be decorated.  Scenery, flowers, plants and trees, changing seasons, bird song, people walking, children playing and meeting with a great bunch of people – what could be better? So we miss our Bandstand… Read more »

Stories of Forgiveness

Ever wished you could spend Sunday mornings sunning yourself in the park instead of sitting inside the walls of a church. Well that was what we did at Third Space this morning. The sun shining and a warm gentle breeze led to a relaxed and I hope inspiring experience. Barbara had come across a couple… Read more »

Pentecost in the Park

        Third Space commemorated D Day by stringing up bunting in the bandstand. Many of us had watched, read or listened to moving accounts of the Normany landings and the battle that followed, which freed Europe from the ideology of National Socialism. It is good to see that since then the countries… Read more »

Gifts for Emerging Church

Another beautiful sunny day at the bandstand. It is on mornings like this I rejoice that we can meet outside.   Opening Worship. God of generosity, justice and peace come into our midst this morning, Breathe your breath, Your Holy Spirit, Your enlivening, Your imagination on us. Wake us up, Open our eyes,    … Read more »

Happy Easter

Despite the cold, dull and windy morning we were greeted by birdsong and blossom in the park reminding us that although the temperature seemed to be telling us otherwise the spring season was upon us.   Setting the scene we read John 20:11-18 Jesus Appears to Mary Magdalene “11 Now Mary stood outside the tomb crying. As… Read more »

The Last Supper

Sharing a meal together has always been a special time for those of us in Third Space. So trying to understand something of the tradition of the Passover Meal that Jesus would have shared with his disciples before his arrest and crucifixion was something we attempted to do. With thanks to Michele Guinness and her… Read more »

Guerilla Gardening

Ever fancied improving the environment? How about a spot of guerilla gardening. In the autumn we planted some snowdrop bulbs around the park as a symbol of hope and resurrection. (See Snowdrops and Stones 6th October 2013)     It’s great to see little clumps of the delicate blooms dancing in the breeze and know it… Read more »

So what do you believe about Original Sin?

Gathering at the bandstand this morning we opened our worship by taking advantage of the beautiful scenery that surrounds us in the park. The hills, the trees and flowers along with the birdsong and chatter of children playing happily, all helped us to glorify God.   As is our practise at Third Space – a… Read more »

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

The evening of Wednesday, 26th February found us at Designate@thegate showing a film for Fairtrade Fortnight. “Black Gold” is about the world coffee trade, and focuses on coffee farmers in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Multinational companies dominate the coffee industry which is worth over $80 Billion annually, making it the most valuable commodity on… Read more »