When the weather man says it’s raining

It was one of those wet mornings when we used the weather conditions to enhance our worship, just like the Celtic saint of old as they sat in their isolated places and saw God in the power of the elements.


Refreshed by the rain 


Lord God the source of all good things we pause in your presence and hold our day before you.  Still us, calm us, guide us as we enter this day

Lord in your mercy, hear our prayer

Pause and use your senses to listen, smell, see how the park feels on a wet morning.

(The sound of the bird song was beautiful this morning. The birds were obviously excited by the prospect of worms attracted to the surface of the soil by the rain. YUM!)


Leader – May Jesus the Son inspire you with new energies each day.

May you find his peace to give you rest each night.

May the rain symbolise the cleansing forgiveness of the Father

And the refreshment of the Holy Spirit pouring new strength into your being

So that today we may walk as Jesus through the world and carry the beauty of his



Puddles – look for a puddle and stand and study it for a few minutes

Puddles show similarities to us all:  Light, dark, surface and depths.

Look at the light reflected on the surface of the puddle. Even on the darkest days light shines on the puddle surface.

  • Thank Jesus that He is the Light of the World and that his Light can still shine in the darkest of places.

Look on the surface of the puddle – can you see you see your reflection?

  • Remember you can reflect the light and love of Jesus.
  • Think of ways you have been light in dark places.
  • Are there ways you could be light in a dark place now.

Look at the detritus at the bottom of the puddle

  • Pray for people we know who may be in a dark place because of illness, bereavement, circumstances or relationships.
  • Pray for those in the world who live in a dark place because of disease, strife, hunger, poverty and disasters.

Look again at the light reflected on the surface of the puddle

  • Pray for the Light of Christ to be in all the situations you have prayed for.
  • Pray that you may be the Light of Christ in the coming week.
  • Thank God for His Light in the darkness.
Stunning reflections

We shared bread and wine

 Closing prayer

Lord God the source of all good things may you shelter us wherever we go and whatever we do until we meet again.

May you guide us through challenges, protect us when in need and inspire us with your love.

May we acknowledge you in all the human goodness we will see and may you bring us back rejoicing to our place of rest this night.

Loving God, we now go into this day in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.