10th Anniversary and God comes to the Bandstand!

So… We had the most marvellous time this Sunday celebrating ten years of meeting at the bandstand. We could hardly believe it but the evidence is there on the website! Words created over the years were used again – the Litany of Thanksgiving, Paul’s words about the changing meaning of bread and wine, new words written by Steve affirming God’s love that does not have to be worked for but is FIXED and words from a 16th century hymn personifying the cross, whose arms sheltered the world which informed our prayers and anointed blessings…

The central part of time together was recalling important and lasting lessons and experiences and much loved companions. Barbara shared in particular how helpful and poignant something had been for them in their last difficult year.

A handful of years ago, Fiona had spoken of the baptism of Jesus and the Spirit as a dove. We imagine a white dove, but apparently, in that region the word dove was given to the ubiquitous rock pigeon. The point was made that we tend not to notice pigeons – they are everywhere – and perhaps there is something of the Holy Spirit reflected in that. We need to open our eyes to see Him everywhere!

Well, over the last year or so, as Barbara and Grayden have had to deal with so many health problems and scares, wherever they have been they have seen pigeons! Each time Barbara has said ‘Look. God is with us!’
As she shared that, something remarkable and unique happened. A pigeon flew through the entrance to the bandstand and landed! It proceeded to walk steadily around the circle of us – all the way round and then back again before flying off! It was extraordinary!

There was nothing overtly supernatural – was it a fluke or was it God telling us just how much she loves ThirdSpace? I know which I choose to believe! It was special and I don’t think I will be the only one on Wednesday reading Mark 1 and seeing the baptism of Jesus in a new light!

For ThirdSpace’s ten years we are supremely thankful. We send our love to all who have been part of us, inspired and encouraged us. Amen for ten!