Book plug / swap

Only at ThirdSpace could you get such an eclectic range of books on offer! Thanks everyone for such a good evening – for passionate promoting – and the not so passionate (did two of us really bring books with the proviso ‘I can’t really recommend this…’?!!) So here are our recommendations – mostly loved bboks, with a couple of challenging reads!

At the Loch on the Green Corrie – Andrew Craig. Poetic, touching, thought-provoking…

This fragile tent – blog – where it was found recommended and offers a great read in itself.

23 things they didn’t tell you about Capitalism – Ha-Joon Chang. Not easy – but interesting!

A man called Ove – Fredrik Backman. Quirky, Swedish humour about a grumpy old man. Fun!

The labyrinth of Osiris – Paul Sussman. Complex drama set in Jerusalem and Luxor. Compelling!

Do no harm. Stories of life, death and brain surgery – Henry Marsh. Moving and inspiring…

Flatland – Edwin A Abbott. Quirky, funny, brilliant novel set in 2 dimensions. Plato would love it!

Rock the shack – the architecture of cabins, cocoons and hideouts. A coffee table book. Beautiful.

Head on – Ian Botham’s autobiography. Amusing and insightful.

The hen who dreamed she could fly – Sun-Mi Hwang. Touching, unusual… the tale of ‘Sprout’.

From wild man to wise man – Richard Rohr. We love Richard – but is defining what men are helpful?


Join us in enjoying feeding mind and soul… We’re all starting to read bits of Brian McClaren’s We make the road by walking. We’ll post how we get on with that in due course