Christmas morning at the Bandstand

An unusually mild morning found us sharing the park with dog walkers and children trying out their new bikes, Our enthusiastic Christmas greetings to each other took care of any further chill in the air.

In brief we shared contributions that we had brought along which included;

  • A Christmas Liturgy from
  • 2 Christmas carols – sung unaccompanied with gusto (technology failed us) but who needs it.
  • A Christmas poem by John Betjeman
  • Harry lit an incense stick and we were told of the tradition of prayers being lifted to God in the smoke of the incense, we then wrote prayers on luggage labels and tied them to the shepherds crook, remembering the good news to the Christmas shepherds and that Jesus is the Good Shepherd.
  • We revisited prayers for people we had prayed for last Christmas day and then sent them symbolically up into the hands of God in clouds of smoke (provided by BBQ)
  • Steve wrote a wonderful Christmas day liturgy for sharing bread and wine.

Happy Christmas and see you all in the New Year!