Colours of the Year

God has blessed us with a wonderful spectrum of colours since we started meeting in the Park.

God laughs in colour and rejoices over creation

Colours surround the bandstand

This morning we met in among the flower beds, by the fountain and under a beautiful rose arbour.

I was sent an annual report from a vicar friend of ours called Tessa. It described everything in terms of colour. It was inspiring – so this is my version of the annual report for Third Space.

The Startling Red – Of the red shrub which shone out all through the drabness of winter which reminded Fiona of the burning bush and of God’s presence with us.

The Glowing Orange –Of autumns dazzling colours as the leaves change and fall.

The Soft Pink – Of the nodding begonias that smile at us from the flower beds.

The Bright Yellow – Of the sun we see rise on fine winter days and that shines down on us from the hills of Riber

The Restful Green –Hues of which surround us throughout the year on the grass, on leaves and on the hills.

The Clear Blue – Of the sky lifts our spirits both in the summer and winter when the day is bright and the weather fine.

The Dark and Sombre Black – Of the bin bags we lay on to watch the clouds, and the clock tower that marks the park head.

The Dazzling White – Of the snow we used to enhance our worship and the clouds we used to help us find peace and meditate.

The Gloomy Grey – Of the mists of autumn and winter that help us to feel encircled and enclosed.

The Shades of Brown –Of the branches in the trees where birds delight us with their song.

The rainbow spectrum of colour around our church glows in different shades of orange, red, purple, pink, green, blue and yellow.

God has given us such beauty, the natural world and the colours in it speak out His creative powers and sing of His glory.


We reviewed the year at Third Space since September and reminded ourselves of some of the highlights and then penned or painted what had been meaningful.

As we talked about our contributions on paper I was thinking I wonder how many people talk about their church so effusively and with such enthusiasm.

Barbara talked about the art work representing our world at Third Space, but we need to remember the wider world and so we wrote in words our prayers and thanksgiving.

Sharing bread and wine 

And so the story was told again

The Angel of Death passing over the mud brick dwellings that were smeared with the blood of the sacrificial lamb.

The unleavened bread hastily carried away as the children of Israel fled from Egypt.

And so the story goes on …

Escape and Salvation

Salvation from slavery and death

Escape to a new life

Escape to a new place

And so the story continues …

As Jesus celebrated the passing over of the Angel of Death and retold the story, he shared bread and wine with his friends, telling them to remember him whenever they met by doing the same.

We remember Jesus as we share bread and wine.

Your body broken (break bread onto the paper and sprinkle crumbs to represent Jesus coming into the world)

The bread of Freedom

Your blood shed (splash wine to represent Jesus blood being shed for the world)

The wine of Salvation

Closing prayer

God sent his blessing to a wondrous blue planet, the third rock from a sun.

Colours abounded on the planet and beauty and life filled the seas the land and the sky,

God sent his son as a blessing to all that dwell there.

May the God of colour, beauty and life bless us, our families, our communities and bless all who visit this park.