We met on the last Sunday in Advent traditionally a time when churches take part in a service of nine lessons and carols. This morning Third Space did their our own version of this tradition adding a few little twists and edits. This tradition was started in 1880 by the Bishop of Truro with the aim of showing that Gods plan of redemption was there from the beginning of time and to keep people out of the pubs. Around the same time the tradition of Christmas crackers started, there is absolutely no Christian symbolism to them as they were an idea developed by a sweet maker to promote his sweets.

So as part of our celebrations we used the traditional advent wreath and candle with some Christmas crackers.


The wreath, the candle and the cracker

Tucked inside each cracker was a bible reading, a prayer, a poem or an instruction.

Numbered crackers were handed round.


We found someone to pull our cracker with…

we read our piece in order …

                                                               putting our jokes gifts and hats back in the box for later.





after sharing bread and wine we read the jokes, chose a gift which we gave to someone else and then we put on our hats. HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!

and …

the message for the morning?

The idyllic image that is portrayed by the commercial Christmas today is often difficult for some people.

We remembered in prayer those we know who would find this Christmas difficult.

BUT the Jesus who came at Christmas time came to bring good news to the poor, the bereaved, the lonely, the oppressed the hungry  and the outcast.


So every time you pull a cracker this Christmas …

remember the real meaning of Christmas




Crackers can only work when there are others to pull them with …

so remember and give thanks for your family and friends. We gave thanks especially for us those in our Third Space Community who we share much more than crackers with.