Does Jesus float your boat?

We were returning from Lancashire recently when we came across a boat outside a church with the caption “Does Jesus float your boat?”

 “floats your boat”    

   What does this mean?

Here are some definitions from  the Urban Dictionary:

Whatever “soothes your soul” or whatever “works best” aka – whatever you feel like doing.

Whatever turns you on, interests you, suits you, something you like, your preference or choice.

So if Jesus floats our boat are we willing to let him use us (the vessel of our lives) to further his kingdom.


Asking if Jesus can use your boat isn’t as strange as it may sound at first. After all, it is no coincidence that a person’s body is often called, or referred to, as a vessel. One of the great subjects of the Scriptures is the type of vessel a person becomes in this life; a vessel of honour or a vessel of dishonour.

(Luke 5:1-3)  1. Once when he was standing on the shore of Lake Gennesaret, the crowd was pushing in on him to better hear the Word of God. 2 He noticed two boats tied up. The fishermen had just left them and were out scrubbing their nets. 3 He climbed into the boat that was Simon’s and asked him to put out a little from the shore. Sitting there, using the boat for a pulpit, he taught the crowd

All of a sudden, seemingly, Jesus had a need. He needed a vessel to use so that He could launch out away from shore and teach the people. Simon’s boat is chosen because it is there, not because it has been freshly cleaned and painted, or because it is somehow superior in some way. I would think that Simon’s boat was neither better nor worse than the other boats there. It was probably pretty average as far as fishing boats go. In fact, as all fishing vessels are, it would be a bit “ripe” with all the fish remains and blood that would be lying around.

We do not have to be perfect or cleansed or especially holy for Jesus to be able to use us. Just available.

Can Jesus use your boat is a sermon idea by Todd Pekel;

We ask ourselves the question – Are we available vessels to be used for God’s Kingdom?

We scribed prayers on paper for those who have no fresh water and those who are working towards providing fresh water supplies, those suffering because of the floods in Pakistan and those bringing relief, those in need because of the blockade in Gaza and those who try to bring them relief, particularly remembering those who try to break the blockade in boats.

We prayed for those we know who are in need. Praying that we might be available to bring the peace, hope, joy and the faith of the kingdom to them.

The prayer we had written were turned into origami boats, these we had intended to float away along the river, but then we thought of the impact on the environment. So our prayer boats were placed on the virtual river in the bandstand.






Sharing the bread and the wine

Lord God we come to share the richness of your table,

We cannot forget the rawness of the earth.


We cannot take the bread

And forget those who are hungry.

Your world is one world and we are stewards of its nourishment.

So put our prosperity at the service of the poor.

The bread of service

We cannot take wine

And forget those who are thirsty.

Those who have no fresh water,

The people who suffer flood or cry out for justice.

Put our fullness at the service of the empty.

The wine of service

Taken and adapted from A Wee Worship Book by Wild Goose Worship Group