Hands and Feet


Autumn seems to have struck …

A misty morning, temperature low – what a shame we have  been asked to wear sandals.

Moving to the place under the beech tree we love so much we began with a Litany from the Iona Community Worship Book

The God of Columba 

The litany reminded us of those saints in the past who have had a huge impact in the world,

we joined together saying to God “stay with us now”

Wendy brought a prayer activity based on God writing our names on the back of his hand


Meeting outside has made us more aware of seasonal changed, of people around us, of our environment taking off our shoes and feeling the earth beneath our feet made us even more aware.

The activity was introduced with the idea that Moses took off his shoes when he met with God saying it was Holy Ground.

With our shoes off we let our minds wander – here is a compilation of our musings …   IMG_20170903_100906515


Rooted and Grounded

This morning we are here to touch the cold, wet, earth

Firm under our feet

Here we are rooted and grounded

In this Thin Space/Third Space

To stand on …

God made Holy Ground,

This is holy ground …

Giving us roots and wings,

Here in this place teeming with creatures

like the first creation,

Seeing the magnificence

elemental, historical, futuristic

Where the grass sings and the earth hums

Roots and wings

Rooting us, upholding us

Help us to see God in this place

All connecting, my life, our lives, all life

to share our own joys, sorrows and laughter

and intercede for all in God’s earth.


Steve had written some brilliant words to accompany bread and wine and closed with a blessing