Harry’s baptism

Harry's baptism


What a joyful, joy-filled day! ThirdSpace’s first baptism: a momentous day for us all but particularly for Harry of course! Almost 30 of us met at the bandstand where we began with these words:
We gather this morning in the name of the Creator,
who creates time and space,
galaxies and stars and planets.
In the name of Jesus Christ, born on planet Earth,
and in the name of the Spirit who fills Earth with his presence.
Creator God,
in this time we call ‘now’
in this space we call ‘here’
we worship you.
Make your presence felt among us.

Steve then reminded us of words spoken at Harry’s dedication some 18 years ago.

Looking at the fast-moving clouds and leaf-laden trees and listening to birdsong, we heard selected verses from The Message’s version of Psalm 104 before slow-walking to the weeping beech with words ringing in our ears ‘ What a wildly wonderful world, God! O my soul, bless God!’
There we looked up at the interwoven branches and listened to Steve’s words that we have used before – ‘Divine Entanglement’ – before Harry spoke of why he had chosen to be baptised at this time and what it had meant to him to belong to ThirdSpace, thanking fellow members and god-parents for their encouragement and inspiration over the years.

Christine led us in sharing bread and wine using our Companions liturgy which was followed by a reading from Luke 3 (The Message again) after which we walked across the river pondering on the following questions:

What is green and blossoming in your life at this time?
What needs to change?                                                                                                                                                                                                         To what might this passage be calling you to? To Jesus? To justice? To daughter-ship and son-ship in God?

At our next stop, above the river, we laid hands on Harry and prayed for him. Then it was down to the beech by the river. Steve, Keith and Harry waded in and in the name of God – Father Son and Holy Spirit – Harry was baptised.

Grayden finished proceedings with a blessing:

Harry, the blessing of the three-in-one God be yours.

May the Spirit bless you with hope poured out like water and flowing as the river.

May Jesus bless you with discomfort at injustice and oppression.

May the Creator who holds the Earth as an artist holds brush and palette fill your imagination so that you always find the world inspiring and wonderful.

May God in whose being beauty shines on you and journey with you.

God says to you, you are my beloved,

Be blessed this day and always.


A blessing for the community followed and then we were all off to Holly House for brunch – bacon rolls, hot pastries, slices of melon and pineapple, juice and tea and copious amounts of coffee but more specially, the sharing of much joy, fun, caught up conversations and appreciation of God-given friendship. Thanks from all the Kenyons to all who came to share in and make this day so special, for your kind words to Harry, thoughtful cards and gifts. We love you all!

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