Head Space

Questions we considered in the pub tonight.

Topically we had a look at what we thought about the decision of Synod to shut the door of the house of Bishops to Women.

The question out of the hat read:

Many Anglo-Catholics and evangelicals come here to represent their town tribal loyalty rather than the dioceses that they represent”. Tony Baldry, Conservative M.P. who speaks for the Church of England in parliament.

  • Do you agree with Baldry?
  • Has the C of E made itself a national embarrassment with the recent vote?
  • Does this represent institutional sexism?
  • Are those who voted against women bishops followers of Saint Paul or the Pope rather than Jesus?

also topical was;

Can pay, do pay! We pay our taxes. Your money, your bookshop, your community, we pay our taxes“.

  • What is the above all about?
answer. – The booksellers associate introducing a new campaign designed to encourage people to use their local bookshop rather than the tax dodging Amazon.
Other questions we discussed were;
  • Who do you believe was the first historical biblical character?
  • Do burglars leave their rights at the threshold? Clearly they don’t in current law, but should they?
  • Who said this “In the name of God and Mammon go“?
  • Who was it addressed to?
  • Is it blasphemous?

Answers on a post card please.

Only joking it was Boris Johnson about the Occupy demonstration outside St. Paul’s last year.