Head Space

Considerable discussion followed the questions drawn out of the hat. See what you make of these:

  • Is there hope for the institutional church?
  • What are you most grateful for?
  • If you were the leader of the Labour Party what policies would you introduce?
  • Is it acceptable for some Muslim women to cover their faces; (1) in public, (2) at work (3) in court (4) at the doctor’s?
  • What would your price be to: Pose nude for an art class? Bungee jump? Eat a live witchetty grub?
  • “In Jesus and the prophets’ critique, self-righteous religion is always marked by insensitivity to issues of social justice, while true faith is marked by profound concern for the poor and marginalised. The Swiss theologian John Calvin, in his commentaries on the Hebrew prophets, says that God so identifies with the poor that their cries express divine pain. The bible teachers us that our treatment of the poor and weak equals our treatment of God” Timothy Keller.                                                                                   How do evangelicals in general and Third Space in particular fare today by this standard?

Conversations varied from energy policy to body image, green issues to poverty, being brave about bungee jumping or eating witchetty grubs. Best excuse for not having a price for eating a witchetty grub “being a vegetarian” 🙂 erm… don’t think that one is good enough Grayden!