Headspace at Bod

So, to give folks an insight onto what we get up to some Wednesday evenings – this is what we did last week at Bod – a local pub to us.

Every so often we used to have an evening called ‘Headspace’ – always at a pub – as a fun, relaxed evening together. This was our first time back in a pub since lockdown and it was good to revive an old tradition.

Headspace consists of everyone writing questions, whether serious or silly, and putting them into a hat. We draw then out in turn, each having to answer first and then others joining in.

Here were the questions we had time for this week:

Is the good the enemy of the best?

Which fictional character do you think you are most like?

Name 3 biblical books you wouldn’t miss!!

If you could go to just one sporting final, which would it be?

What sport would be funniest to a mandatory amount of alcohol to?

Deserted railway station. 1 hour. 2 glasses. Dubonnet and gin with the Queen or Sherry with Sandra Bullock?

Deserted railway station. 1 hour. 2 glasses. Bottle of whisky with Alex Salmond or Elderflower Cordial with Nicola Sturgeon?

Lots of laughter and some heated debate when we deviated from those to related – or unrelated- issues! A lot of fun and good for getting to know those newer to the group!